Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Contemporary Reclining Sofa – Faux Leather Upholstery – Saddle Reviews

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Contemporary Reclining Sofa – Faux Leather Upholstery – Saddle

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Your home is more than a house, it’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley HomeStore, we celebrate being home with you. Our locally owned and operated stores are passionate about being the best and most affordable furniture store for your home.

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KathleenTop “This is a good looking chair! I purchased this for my husband who has recently developed serious mobility issues and needed something comfortable and easy to get out of as our stationary furniture just wasn’t working for him. Not only is it attractive and amazingly comfortable, it’s extremely functional. Super quiet and smooth when using the power controls – you can’t even hear it. It reclines fully and also lifts much higher than shown in the photo’s provided on the sales page. It’s very heavy and seems to be well constructed with a lot of metal reinforcement. The fabric is really nice too…sure looks like leather but actually feels better as it’s much softer and not sticky like vinyl. The color is good and fairly true to the photos shown.
                        “If you do an internet search for this chair you will find it sold at several places and some are less expensive and some are way more. However, the shipping seems to be a lot longer such as 3-5 weeks. I received this chair from Amazon in 6 days with a weather delay from Hurricane Irma. Pretty good for such a large item and the freight delivery fellow was excellent. I did my homework when buying and it’s also sold under the brand “Darby Home Forreston Power lift recliner” at Wayfair for considerably more.
Jessica  “Fantastic chair! The fabric looks a lot like leather, but its cloth. It’s not trying to be a fake leather, just a cloth material that looks like it – not the fake cheap looking pseudoleather. The chair fabric is awesome and super soft and well made. You do not slip on it like you do leather.”

“The chairlifts much higher than the pics show. You can EASILY stand out of the chair once it lifts you up. Anyone will be very, very happy with how this function works.”

“The backrest and feet also work independently from each other. You can have the feet all the way up and the back straight up. You can also have the fee all the way down with the backrest all the way down. It’s really nice to be able to control them individually.“

mike castonguay  “This is my third Ashley recliner in 28 years, also had two other brands,(1 was a Lane) they lasted 6 years, the 2 Ashley’s lasted 22 years together…This is my first power recliner (I’m now disabled). It came quick, free of shipping costs. The color is perfect and I love the faux leather finish. (Housekeeper couldn’t tell) Very quiet.


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