Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top Reviews

Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top


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Straight lines were once deemed the realm of strict logic. This conduit design accomplishes something quite profound. It blends linear components with a pleasantly stainless steel tubular effect. Modernism used to be about extremes. Wild shapes and patterns that don’t dare resemble it’s predecessors. We’ve reached an age of maturity of sorts. We appreciate style, but all the more, we respect those designs that represent a blending of cultures. The Gridiron tubular stainless steel bench is famous not for it’s radical shape, but for the strategic transcendence that it provides. Gridiron is perfect for reception rooms, living and lounge areas and any other place in need of transformation.


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customer reviews

Just received the Stainless Steel Console Table. I am very pleased with my purchase! This is the same table that you will see on “other sites” but cheaper AND you can received the table much faster. I did take off 1 star due to the height of the table (only 29 inches). My dog is called than the table

Teri Chamberlain “LOVE this! EXACTLY what I envisioned for our entry. Came packaged with flexible foam wrapped around it and cardboard around that. It was not bent due to handling by freight company. Shiny and polished metal. Feels substantial Not light to pick up and move around. I “danced” it inside our front door. I noticed a couple of light scratches after wiping it down. I would expect this from any machined metal. Nothing anyone would notice. Legs are straight. Black hard plastic discs. We will add felt ones to protect our newly installed bamboo flooring. I’m thinking I will made a faux leather cushion to put on top for guests to change their shoes. We got a longer one. I do not expect this to ‘sag’ in the middle at all. Definitely recommend!! Would purchase another.

ss console was received free from damage, workmanship is perfect to make this furniture piece looking good when placed in a corner of my home. i am very happy to have purchased this ss console. proper handling, such as avoiding abuse like bumping / dropping unnecessarily with heavy objects, so as not to scratch or dent, although to dent this piece will take a heavy boulder rock to drop. basic care will keep this ss console like new for generations to come. the material is stainless steel, just that will tell you its meant to last, just like the ss cookwares, heavily used at homes / commercials or businesses.

E. Vega  “I saw the coffee table in a furniture expensive store, and it liked a lot. So modern, enough big to get in the middle of huge living room, but price in that store was at 6 times the price in Amazon, so I decided to order so fast. Everybody visiting my home is impressed with the table, and we all at home happy.



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