Fashion Passion – Shower Curtain with Bath Accessories Collection Reviews

Fashion Passion – Shower Curtain with Bath Accessories Collection

Product description

Color:”Fashion Passion” – Collection Set Finally a waterproof artwork for the bathroom, otherwise known as our limited edition “Fashion Passion” shower curtain. This collection is so artistic and inventive, you’d better get used to dropping the soap! We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful artists that you’ll probably want to order more than one and switch them every season. You’re sure to impress your guests with your bathroom gallery in addition to your loveable shower singing. **Includes all pieces from the Collection Set** Set includes: shower curtain, shower curtain hooks, lotion dispenser, tissue box, toothbrush holder, soap dish, tumbler, rug, bath, hand and fingertip towel.


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customer reviews

        Debnzona   “Waited a long time to get due to it was out of stock but seller offered me a refund due to the wait which was nice! I was in no hurry so waited and it is ADORABLE!!!! Works sooo well with my shower curtain and bath fixtures! Holds toothbrush upright and easy to clean! DEFINATELY recommend! (if you can get one! LOL!)
           “The colors are not as bright as the picture however, it looks amazing! The lip color on the curtain is more of a pinkish-mauve and not red lips. I hope this helps!





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