Hookless RBH40MY297 Fabric Shower Curtain with Built in Liner -Navy Blue Reviews

Hookless RBH40MY297 Fabric Shower Curtain with Built in Liner -Navy Blue


Product description

our shower curtain is the largest decorative element in your bathroom, so we put extra care into the design and craftsmanship of each piece. Choose from a wide variety of solids, prints and textures in colorful fabric or waterproof PEVA. What’s best, you won’t need to purchase separate hooks because of our all-in-one Hookless curtain system.


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customer reviews

S. WilsonI have had this type of shower curtain system for years now. This navy blue one that I’m reviewing, is part of their new line. Here are the great things about this type of shower curtain and liner. 1. There is a see through mesh panel within the curtain itself, from shoulders to top of head. No longer feel ‘vulnerable’ in the shower – thanks Hollywood!:( 2. The color is deep and rich, and wispy and light. It really is beautiful. 3. Then the snapping system for the liner is brilliant. It snaps along an extra flap, running underneath and parallel to the mesh panel. Snap off. Launder (do not put in dryer-air dry is best). Then snap right back on. Easy peasy. No more dismantling the entire system, just to wash the liner. LOVE IT! 4. The curtain itself does not require shower hooks. Very easy to take on and off for laundering.


Courtney A. Conant  “I was so disappointed in this. I had high hopes, based on the reviews and the images of it but it did not work. The first disappointment was that I opened up the box to find not a shiny blue but a very flat navy blue. It was dull and not at all pretty (as it seems to be in all the pictures). The second disappointment (and the kicker) was that I pulled it out of the package and one of the rings was snapped in half. It just fell onto the ground at my feet, showing how poor the quality was on it. I REALLY wanted this to work, but it was terrible


Cindy B  “I love this Hookless shower curtain. First of all, it is a snap to put up. It took like 10 seconds. The navy blue color is beautiful and the fabric is pretty and soft. The removable liner is genius. When showering, you can see out of the shower from the transparent section at the top (so it’s not dark in the shower), but from the outside, you can’t see in. This is a perfect shower curtain. I also ended up buying another one in the light blue with the waffle pattern. I love it equally. If you are having doubts, buy this curtain!



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