Whalen Furniture Santa Fe 3-in-1 TV Stand Reviews

Whalen Furniture Santa Fe 3-in-1 TV Stand



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The Santa Fe 3-in-1 flat panel TV console is a smart combination of contemporary and rustic with warm ash grain finish and heavy iron frame featuring a semi distressed iron wash finish. Three ways to display TVs up to 65 Inch: use the rear column with built-in swivel mount, hang on the wall using the universal bracket provided or use your TV’s stand and place on the top shelf. The swivel mount pans side to side up to 45 degrees and tilts forward to 11 degrees for optimal viewing. Integrated cable management organizes and hides cables for a clean appearance. Add warmth and southwestern styling to your entertainment room with the matching Santa Fe audio tower.


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Customer Reviews

Earl S. Hemphill  “This Cabinet/TV Stand is built to last. Built like a tank. The Fedex guy came a huffing and puffing with the box and thanked his lucky stars I live on the first floor.
It’s heavy metal frame and decent wood panels are a breeze to put together. Tip : the threading on the holes is pretty good and the hardware is also up to snuff, but the paint on the screws and in the holes make starting the screws and hand tightening kind of tough. I recommend that you thread all the screws in their respective places with the individual parts of the cabinet unassembled. That will burr out the paint and clear the holes and make the actual assembly a lot easier. Go easy on the torque. I used my own stainless steel allen keys which have a longish handle, so I could easily have stripped out the screws, but didn’t. Just snug until the metal pieces pull together is enough for the screws. There are 45 degree angle pieces at the corners in the back to give additional strength laterally, so you don’t have to crank everything down until the heads ring off.
Put together it looks sweet. I bought it and built it for my son. He loves the darker wood and black metal frame with the fake bolt heads. The curve in the shelves at the front is a nice touch.


Sarah  “Despite the scratch that it came with, I think for $150-ish this is 5/5. The scratch was easily covered with the marker that comes along with the hardware for this stand, and after looking at it from all angles, I couldn’t tell after going over it, and I was ready to send it back. Like other said, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture, and it looks great. I’m happy with my purchase.


Barry R Finn  “Well made with good instructions. Overall happy with it. The reason for the 3 star rating is the tilt locks are not strong enough to hold a 65″ Samsung TV in position. No matter how tight I make them, it always sage down. I have put an object behind the TV and in front of the vertical spine so the bottom of the TV rests on this. Also, had to buy different screws to mount the TV (This is not a big deal, they’re easy to find, and Whalen couldn’t provide every length possible).



great pice of furniture. quality is good, it is very sturdy, i honestly wasnt expecting it to be this good. the tv mount is removable but i decided to keep mine. i mounted my 55inch tv and it holds very well. the tv is able to swivel to sides for better viewing angle and you can adjust the tv incline as well. you can hide cables thru the back, there are a total of 5 holes on the backbone where you can pass cables thru. putti g it together took me about an hour doing it alone. it is not very complicated and the tools and instructions are included as well. overall very pleased with product, would recommend!


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