Coaster Isabella Bedroom Collection Solid Hardwood Queen Size Bed Reviews

Coaster Isabella Bedroom Collection Solid Hardwood Queen Size Bed


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COASTER-BED, OAK,CARVING QUEEN SIZE features a stunning traditional style with beautiful carved trim. Dimensions   64″ x Depth: 89.25″ x Height: 72.25   Some assembly may be required. Please see product details. stunning traditional style , beautiful carved trim, luxurious Old World appea.


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Bed was very easy to assemble, everything fir together very tight and seems to be very well made. Finish is very nice andlloks great. i bought this bed for my little sister last year for christmas. it is heavy, but so very nice and durable. not a fake 100$ thing you can buy at walmart. this bed will last her many years to come.”


          Lilly  Absolutely beautiful! Easy to put together, even for those who are new to DIY. I got this for my parents as a Christmas present and they adore it. My only warning I can give is as you put on the side boards be very careful, I had put to much force while trying to put the side board at the end of the bed, because of this the front leg that got attached to the head board cracked a little. Overall it is of good quality in my opinion and worth the money. Even the shipping company was great!!


Valerie DoranThis bed came as expected. No flaws, Perfect condition for an heirloom item! My son was so overjoyed, I would definately purchase another one if needed. Great communication between seller and transportation. Thank you so much

              Kimberly  “Gorgeous bed!! Darker than I thought it would be, and very heavy- I love it! The wood is well and intricately carved, and I sleep like a queen. Might get the rest of the set some day.




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