Modway Remark Mid-Century Modern Sofa With Upholstered Fabric In Light Gray Reviews

Modway Remark Mid-Century Modern Sofa With Upholstered Fabric In Light Gray


Product description

Take notice and engage your sensibilities with this plush dual cushion, organically shaped sofa. Remark is gracefully positioned on solid natural wood dowel legs designed according to mid-century sentiments. Whether settling in with coffee and brunch, or entering a spirited discussion with friends, Remark’s polyester upholstery, two rows of finely stitched back seat buttons, and organic form ensure an eye-catching appeal at every turn. Bring depth and modernity to your contemporary living room or lounge area with the mid-century modern Remark collection.


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customer reviews

Kainus young  “my loveseat now looks and feels worst than a futon. The seating has totally lost it’s shape and there’s no coming back. The cushions don’t look anything like the photo and the fabric has a lot of pulling. This is a piece you buy if you never ever ever plan on sitting on it and want something to “look pretty”. From day 1 it was not comfortable, the seating is unbelievably firm and feels like a brick. It’s not comfortable at all and not a very practical piece. I’ve bought several pieces of furniture over the years and after this purchase I’ve learned to never ever purchase another piece of furniture online. I’m not a heavy person, I’m only 5’6 130lb female so there should not be this type of wear on a piece like this for the year and a half. I was hoping that I would be able to have Lex Mod replace the seating after multiple calls within the past year. Finally, I get an email and all they could tell me was it’s outside the year window stating “unfortunately we cannot do that sorry for the inconvenience.” I made multiple calls which fell on deaf ears before the 1 year window. That is horrible service and I will leave a review everywhere I can so that no one else has this experience. See photos below.



Barby ann  “The chair is great. The grey is a medium shade, as I hoped. The legs are screwed on and they provide the screws plus the tool to tighten them. The cushion is firm and, and felt like a rock on the first sit. Maybe it was still cold from the long trip. It is very comfortable, accommodates a range of butt sizes, and heights. FYI, I am an older woman, 5’2″.
The DROP SHIP notice is for real. However, my friendly UPS driver pushed it up three flights of stairs for me. He wouldn’t take a tip, but asked for a bottle of water, which I was happy to give him.



This sofa is super cool – definitely a good fit for a small apartment. The back has a pretty upright angle, so don’t expect this to be a couch that you slouch/sink into.
I modified the cushions by taking out a 1″ layer of foam from each of the cushions. They were very firm (seemed overstuffed honestly) when I received, but after taking out the pink foam layer (see picture) they feel much better, and the fabric is still stretched tightly around so they look great. I recommend doing the same if you are using this as your primary couch. This isn’t going to be super comfortable sitting forward on it, but sideways lounging/napping is great!
The legs were easy to install and seemed very sturdy – I’m not sure what happened with the other reviewers but it doesn’t appear to be a problem with the unit I received. We put three people on it weighing a total of ~500lbs and it was fine, no creaking. The legs screw in with four hex screws per leg (see image). Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to compete with a $3,000 couch in terms of quality, but it’s cooler looking than an Ikea couch and cheaper than the entry-level modern store options, so that’s why I’ve given it 5 stars.

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